Club Philosophy

The Philosophy of play and coaching style comes from Patrick Alvarez Playing experience overseas in Galicia Spain. From playing in the youth academies of Celta Vigo, and Pontevedra CF. With all the knowledge that he has gained on his pathway to a professional player. Came back stateside to educate Soccer youth in New York. The style play is very possession based playing with all three layers of the pitch. From building out the back. To being smart decision makers, and being creative in the attacking third.


If you were to ask me what my mission was at the beginning of creating a club is completely different than it is now. Yes, I want to win. Yes, I want to develop every single player into the best version of themselves. Yes, I want to get players into the highest potential level of play that they can achieve. Yes, I want Everyone to fall in love with the game as much as I do, but to be 100% truthful as I came to this conclusion recently. I want to just make this world better by creating quality young adults through the platform of my soccer club. By holding players accountable. By showing that Hard work amazing results do come. By being a great soccer player he’s just as important as becoming a great person.”

-Patrick F. Álvarez